Rods Weld 1/8" 5# E7018

Rods Weld 1/8" 5# E7018
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Description & Specs
K-T 7018 is a general purpose, low moisture absorption, low hydrogen electrode. This electrode features easy start and restart performance, easy slag removal which lends itself for easy tacking before finish welding. Low spatter and flat beads, make good looking welds and less clean up. Very easy to control, and a very stable arc. Superior weld appeal. Use for a variety of steels including low, medium and high carbon steels, low alloy structures, and high carbon castings. Can be used in AC or DC+. 7018’s typical applications include pressure vessels, cold rolled steels and structural steels. 70,000 PSI tensile strength. Not recommended for low voltage AC welders. 1/8" 90-140 operating Amps.

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