Hot Blast Coal Furnace 1300

1300 Wood/Coal Furnace
Price: $1,149.99
Description & Specs
The 1300 furnace is designed to use in conjunction with your existing HVAC ductwork and works side by side with your existing furnace. With a 550 CFM blower and up to 115,000 BTUs, it is designed to heat a home up to 1,900 sq. ft. This unit is made with a firebrick lined plate steel firebox surrounded by a heavy duty steel cabinet.
Up to 115,000 BTU's   Depth w/blower: 41 inch   Add on
Heating: Up to 1,900 sq. ft.   Width: 21 inch   Canada
21" Log Length   Height: 40.25 inch    
50 lb. coal capacity   Weight: 375 lbs    
550 CFM BLOWER        
Firebrick lined        
3.0 cubic feet fire box  

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